Purple Animal Print Cotton Jersey

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This purple and black animal print cotton jersey is very soft and stretchy and would make a great t-shirt, skirt or perhaps lining of a jumper.

Jersey fabric is a type of knit textile made from cotton or a cotton and synthetic blend. Some common uses for jersey fabric include t-shirts and winter bedding. The fabric is warm, flexible, stretchy, and very insulating, making it a popular choice for the layer worn closest to the body. Jersey also tends to be soft, making it very comfortable.
One of the reasons many people like to wear jersey fabric is the stretch factor. The fabric can stretch up to 25% percent along its grain. Garments made from the material have plenty of give as their wearers move, and also tend to cling to the body, since the fabric contracts as well as expanding. Knit dresses are usually made from jersey fabric, exploiting the clingy characteristic of the fabric. Jersey fabric is also available in a large assortment of colours and patterns to suit all tastes.
When sewing jersey fabric, it is recommended that the fabric be washed first, especially if it is cotton. All knits tend to shrink when they are washed, and washing beforehand eliminates shrinkage issues. It is also important to use a pattern specifically designed for knit fabrics, as the pattern will account for the stretch factor of the material. Most seamstresses also use a double layer of stitching or an over lock stitch on jersey fabric, to prevent unravelling.

The fabric is new, continuous and off the bolt. If you purchase multiple quantities they will be cut as one continuous piece.

Fabric: Cotton
Width: Approx. 142cm/56″
Care Instructions: As a general rule, jersey fabric can be washed in warm water with like colours, and tumble dried on a medium setting. Bright colours will stay brighter longer if they are washed on a cold setting and dried on low. Try to avoid mixing bright colours and whites in the wash, as the colours may bleed.

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