Dark Blue Denim

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Denim is made from tightly woven twill. Lengthwise, yarns are dyed with indigo or blue dye; horizontal yarns remain white. The yarns have a very strong twist to make them more durable, but this also affects the denim’s color. The yarns are twisted so tightly that the indigo dye usually only colors the surface, leaving the fabric center white. The blue strands become the threads that show on the outside of your denim, and the white are the ones that make the inside of your denim look white. Through wear, the indigo yarn surface gives way, exposing the white yarn underneath which causes denim to fade.

This denim has a soft feel and is dark blue in colour.

The fabric is new, continuous and off the bolt. If you purchase multiple quantities they will be cut as one continuous piece.

Fabric: Denim
Width: Approx. 152cm/60″
Washing Denim Tips Please note these are general care instructions and are not from the manufacturer.

All denim garments should be washed at medium temperature and low dry cycle. You can also air dry by just hanging or laying out flat. Use fabric softener so the denim looks better and feels soft. Wash alone and never use bleach.

Keeping your denim dark
•Wash in cold water, short cycle and low heat dry
•Never use bleach
•Wash inside out and add a thimble of vinegar
•Only wash when needed, denim will naturally fade when washed

How to fade your denim
•Wash in warm water and medium heat dry
•Never use bleach
•Use longer wash cycle
•The more you wash, the more it fades
•Do the fade work yourself using RIT Fast Fade *Not recommended with embroidery.
•Watch washing in hot water or high dry heat. This can cause the seams to warp and weaken, causing them to seperate.

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